Tire 17.5R25 of model BEL-37 is a large-sized radial tubeless tire with a metal cord in a carcass and a breaker, with an E3/L3 career tread pattern. This tire is ideal for use on loaders, bulldozers and articulated dump trucks.

The FORCERRA industry E3/L3 tire is perfect for gravel and rocky roads. The tire features increased carcass protection and excellent cut resistance, reducing the chance of punctures and downtime. Due to the reduced distance between blocks of the tread pattern, the ride of a machine becomes smoother even on hard surfaces.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation  17.5R25
Model BEL-373
Type: TL - tubeless TT - inner tube tire  TL
Tread pattern E3/L3
Rim 14.00-2.0
Outer diameter (mm) 1348
Profile width (mm) 460
Static radius (mm) -
Maximum load (kg) 5450/8500
Carrying capacity index 167/182
Tire pressure (MPa) 0.500/0.575
Maximum speed, km/h 50/10
Speed index В/А2
Tread pattern depth (mm) 29