Dear partners!

January 12, 2021 the «Rules for determination in the country of origin of certain types of goods for the purposes of public (municipal) procurement, approved by the decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission of November 23, 2020 № 105» (hereinafter - Regulations) came into force.

We want to inform you that since 10.06.2021 Belshina JSC is included in the register of industrial goods of the EEU member-states, formation and maintenance of which is carried out by the Eurasian Economic Commission according to the Rules.

In order to participate in the state procurement on the territory of the EEU you need to take an extract from register for necessary products by reference: (producer code 700016217).

Hereby we inform you about connection of Belshina JSC to the electronic document management system of EDI-provider «Electronic Documents and Consignment Notes» Ltd.

We would like to draw your attention to the necessity of conclusion of a similar agreement with any certified EDI-provider from 01.12.2021.


We also inform you about global location numbers GLN (Global Location Number) of our enterprise and regional warehouses of finished products assigned by the system of automatic identification of GS1 Belarus:



Name of the object (warehouse) that has been assigned an additional GLN number GLN
1 Belshina JSC, Bobruisk, Minsk highway, 4 4811644900009
2 Belshina JSC warehouse №1, Auls station, Grodno district 4811644900030
3 Belshina JSC warehouse №2, Minsk, Serov st., 8 4811644900047
4 Belshina JSC warehouse №17, Gomel, Fedyuninsky st., 11A 4811644900061
5 Belshina JSC warehouse №19, Vitebsk, Leningradskaya st., 134А 4811644900078
6 Belshina JSC warehouse №20, Molodechno, Libavo-Romenskaya st., 158 4811644900085
7 Belshina JSC warehouse №21, Mogilev, Gastello st., 20 4811644900092
8 Belshina JSC warehouse №22, Brest, Lieytenant Ryabtsev st., 45 4811644900245
9 Belshina JSC warehouse №23, Glubokoe, Kirov st., 127 4811644900115
10 Belshina JSC warehouse №25, Svetlogorsk, Zavodskaya st., 14 4811644900122
11 «Manufacture of rubber products, Krichev» Belshina JSC 4811644900184



Instructions for connecting to EDI:

  1. Obtain the international identification code of a participant of a business operation (Global Location Number (GLN)) assigned by the automatic identification system of GS1 Belarus (the specified detail is mandatory for filling in when drafting electronic invoices). You can receive GLN in the association GS1 of Belarus (you can find the step-by-step instruction at the link
  2. To obtain an electronic digital signature (hereinafter referred to as EDS) for the person (persons) performing acceptance of goods and signing of invoices. It is possible to obtain a digital signature in the Republican Unitary Enterprise «National Center for Electronic Services» (information and reference documents on obtaining a digital signature are available at
  3. Determine the electronic document management operator (EDI-provider), with the use of whose services the electronic document management in terms of electronic invoices will be carried out, and conclude a contract with them (information about certified EDI-providers and their contact information is available on the official website of the Republican Unitary Enterprise «Interbranch Scientific and Practical Center of Identification systems and Electronic business operations» of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus at:
  4. Based on the results of consultations with the selected EDI-provider, prepare a workstation and establish information interaction between the accounting system used by the enterprise and the EDI-provider's electronic document management information system (if necessary).

Additional information by phone in Bobruisk: 8(0225)70-93-84.



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