The tires have increased comfort and are designed for operation on passenger cars of medium class. The main advantage of the novelty is that the tires have a modern asymmetric tread pattern, which provides excellent performance indicators in terms of comfort, fuel efficiency, stability and handling

  • The open inner side is more saturated and sectioned with arc-shaped grooves that completely evacuate water, giving the tire a high resistance to aquaplaning.
  • Large smooth blocks on the outside are responsible for steering and cornering stability at high speeds and in emergency situations. Closed outer shoulder ensures low noise level of tire contact with the road.
  • The circumferential ribs in the center of the tread ensure reliable directional stability, precise steering response of the car and high braking properties on dry and wet roads.
  • Wide central circumferential and cross grooves ensure good rolling dynamics and improve wet traction.
  • Semi-open slots in the middle ribs provide the tire with extra traction and reduce braking distance.
Characteristic Value
Tire designation  195/60R15
Model Artmotion BEL-281
Execution TL
Pattern type Road asymmetric
Rim: recommended 6 J-15
Permissible 5 1/2J-15
6 1/2J-15
Outer diameter, mm 615
Profile width, mm 201
Static radius 282
Carrying capacity index 88
Maximum load, kg 560
Speed index Н
Maximum speed, km/h 210
Tire pressure, kPa 250
Tire tread pattern depth, mm 7,6