Truck tubeless tire 12R22.5 model BEL-258, radial, with steel cord in the frame and belt, with a universal tread pattern, designed for use on the drive axles of trucks and buses. The tread pattern of the universal type provides high traction and grip properties, meets the requirements of safety, stability and traffic control.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation  12R22.5
Model Bel-258
Execution TL
Pattern type Universal
Rim: recommended 9.00х22.5
Permissible 8.25х22.5
Frame and breaker design ALL STEEL
Outer diameter, mm 1084
Profile width, mm 300
Static radius, mm 504 мм
Carrying capacity index 152/148
Maximum load, kg 3550/3150
Speed index К
Maximum speed, km/h 110
Tire pressure, kPa 850
Tire tread pattern depth, mm 18