Truck tubeless tire 315/60R22.5 of model BEL-356, radial, with a metal cord in a carcass and a breaker, with a universal tread pattern, designed for operation on a drive axles of trucks. The tread pattern of a universal type of the «line» of tires «ESCORTERA» provides high traction properties, good stability and controllability.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation  315/60R22,5
Model BEL-356
Type: TL - tubeless TT - inner tube tire ТL
Tread pattern Universal

Outer diameter (mm) 960
Profile width (mm) 306
Static radius (mm) 445
Maximum load (kg) 3550 / 3150
Carrying capacity index 152 / 148
Tire pressure (kg/cm2) 9,2
Maximum speed, km/h 120
Speed index L
Pattern depth (mm) 18,5