Tubeless truck tire 275/70R22.5 of model BEL-318, radial, with a metal cord in a carcass and a breaker, with a road tread pattern, designed for operation on city and suburban buses of the MAZ family and their modifications, as well as similar buses in the countries of the near and far abroad.

The road-type tread pattern provides low rolling resistance, improved handling, high-speed endurance and directional stability of trucks.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation  275/70R22,5
Model BEL-318
Type: TL - tubeless TT - inner tube tire ТL
Tread pattern Road

Outer diameter, mm 962
Profile width, mm 279
Static radius, mm 447
Maximum load at 100 km/h, kg 3250 / 2900
Maximum load at 70 km/h, kg 3550 / 3150
Tire pressure, kg/cm2 9,2
Maximum speed, km/h 100 70
Speed category index J E
Pattern depth, mm 18,5