Environmental management and control have been and remain the priorities of Belshina's production activities. 

The main working tool is the introduced environmental management system (EMS).

In its activities, the company is guided by the principle: strict compliance with environmental legislation and other requirements applicable to Belshina, which are related to the aspects of the environment. For this purpose, the company develops and implements measures for the rational use of natural resources, reduction of emissions, discharges of pollutants into the environment, land protection in the area of the enterprise, the use of waste production, hazardous substances. 

In November 2008, the EMS was certified for the first time for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2005 in the National System for Conformity Attestation of the Republic of Belarus.

In July 2018, the EMS of Belshina JSC was certified for compliance with the requirements of the new version of the standard STB ISO 14001-2017.

November 20, 2020 Belshina JSC passed the re-certification audit of EMS and received a certificate of conformity, which certifies that the environmental management system of design, development and production of pneumatic and mass tires, cameras for motor vehicles complies with the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2017

The Environmental Policy has been formally formulated by the top management of Belshina JSC.

The purpose of the development and implementation of the Environmental Policy of Belshina JSC is to reduce the negative impact on the environment through the rational use of natural resources, reducing the volume of emissions of pollutants into the air, discharges of pollutants in wastewater, reduction of waste production, compliance with the obligations of Belshina JSC.

The environmental protection department includes industrial and sanitary laboratory

On March 10, 2021 the Republican Unitary Enterprise «Belarusian State Centre for Accreditation» re-accredited the industrial and sanitary laboratory of the department of environmental protection and switched to a new version of the basic standard. The accreditation certificate was issued, which confirms that the management system of the industrial and sanitary laboratory meets the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 (ISO/IEC 17025:2017, IDT)