Technical base and its capabilities
The Mechanical plant is provided with modern CNC equipment:
Multi-purpose lathes

ensure accuracy and minimum machining time

Milling 5-axis machining centers

this equipment allows production of the most complex profile parts and assemblies

Electric discharge machine

provides piercing and shaping of the workpiece surface

Engraving machines

allow application of any complex inscriptions and drawings on metal surface of products (plates, commemorative medals, etc.)

Plasma cutting unit

high speed, with the ability to cut complex contours of sheet steel workpieces with minimal allowance for further machining

In addition to the above mentioned machines the equipment park of the mechanical plant includes a number of horizontal milling and boring machines, turning and carousel machines with the ability to process parts up to Ø 4000 mm, as well as surface grinding, drilling, 3-axis CNC centers, forge hammers, band saws, 3-roll rollers, plate benders and guillotines.

Design department and metallography laboratory

The mechanical plant has its own mechanization and automation department, where design documentation is developed for complex units and assemblies involved in the production process (see photo).

Technical development outlook

Today we are actively working on the technical development and improvement of our equipment fleet.

Contact numbers:

Reception of the Mechanical Plant

+375 (225) 70-94-56 (fax)

Chief engineer of the Mechanical Plant

Yury Viktorovich Kotov
+375 (225) 70-87-75

Deputy Chief Engineer for Technical Development

Evgeny Gennadyevich Shumsky
+375 (225) 411-916
Production Department

Head of Work with Outside Customers Office

Marina Valeryevna Gudey
+375(29) 270-27-30, 41-14-36

Head of metallography and mechanical testing laboratory

Ivan Nikolaevich Khodnevich
+375 (225) 41-13-07