In 2021, 3143 employees were trained, including 1599 workers and 1544 managers and specialists.

373 employees were trained in occupational safety and health (OHS).

Training of employees of the company is carried out both on the territory of the organization and in educational institutions.

Belshina has developed a large number of training programs, including presentations.

A video presentation developed by occupational safety and fire safety specialists is used for the induction training on occupational safety and industrial safety. 


Work of public inspectors in 2021

As of December 31, 2021 at Belshina created 7 public commissions on occupational safety and worked 47 public inspectors on occupational safety in structural units.

In 2021, the public inspectors conducted 1957 monitorings of compliance with legislation of occupational safety and health on their own work plans. During the monitoring period, 4215 different inconsistencies were identified and 1377 recommendations to eliminate the identified violations were issued.

In 2021, an electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in the vulcanization shop of the large-size tire plant Oreshko Andrey Mikhaylovich won the Republican industry competition for the best public control organization with the title «The best public inspector on occupational safety in organizations of petrochemical complex» and became the best public inspector on OHS in the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus.


Work of the Occupational Safety Service in 2021

The OHS service constantly conducts preventive activities on preventing industrial injuries, occupational disease incidence, compliance with the occupational safety requirements at workplaces.

In 2021, 2952 inspections were conducted, including 13 comprehensive inspections, 347 target inspections, 2592 operational inspections.

1470 prescriptions and acts were issued. 4037 noncompliances were revealed. 75 warning slips were taken out.

Disciplinary actions for violation of occupational safety legislation were taken against 195 employees, including 119 managers and specialists and 76 workers.

158 disciplinary orders were prepared.

79 employees, including 57 managers and specialists and 22 workers, were sent for out-of-schedule OHS knowledge tests.

Occupational safety and health measures

In 2021, 12 planned occupational safety measures were implemented for an amount of 262 363,08 rubles.

Workplaces, technological processes, equipment and other production facilities were brought into compliance with the requirements of occupational safety regulations. Measures aimed at the elimination (reduction) of occupational risks were implemented.

Working conditions were improved for 840 employees, including 181 women.