Belshina JSC would like to inform you that the experimental research workshop, the central plant laboratory, the water supply and sewerage workshop, the electrical supply workshop, the research electrical laboratory, the dry cleaning and laundry section, the mechanical plant provide services to individuals and organizations.

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Mechanical Plant has the ability to provide services:

The dry cleaning and laundry area provides the following services:


Services Unit Service cost without VAT, rub.
1 Washing clothes 1 kg 4,12
2 Washing clothes 1 kg 4,09
3 Sewing a fabric tear on a sewing machine 100 cm 1,20
4 Sewing machine patch 100 cm2 3,38
5 Sewing on buttons by hand 1 piece 0,40
6 Dry cleaning 1 kg 3,61


Contact phone number: 41-14-75



The Central Plant Laboratory offers a range of services:


List of tests that the Central Factory Laboratory can perform for third-party customers

Designation of Technical normative legal acts for the test method Defined indicator
1 GOST 270-75 «Rubber. Method for determining the elastic-strength properties in tension»
  • conditional stress at a given elongation, MPa
  • conditional tensile strength, MPa
  • elongation at break, %
  • relative residual deformation after rupture, %
2 GOST ISO 37-2013 «Rubber or thermoplastic. Determination of elastic-strength properties in tension»
  • stress at a given elongation, MPa
  • tensile strength, MPa
  • elongation at break, %
3 GOST 262-93 «Rubber. Determination of tear resistance (forked, angled and crescent specimens)» Tear resistance, kN/m
4 GOST 263-75 «Rubber. Shore A» hardness test method Shore A hardness, Shore A units
5 GOST 267-73 «Rubber. Density determination methods» Density, g/cm3
6 GOST 12251-77 «Rubber. Method for determining the resistance to abrasion during rolling with slipping» Abrasion, m3/TJ
7 GOST 7915-74 «Rubber. Method for determining the temperature limit of brittleness» Temperature brittle limit, °С
8 GOST 6768-75 «Rubber and rubberized fabric. Method for determining the bond strength between layers during delamination» Binding strength between layers during delamination, kN/m
9 GOST 23785.1-2001 «Cord fabric. Method of determined breaking load and elongation at break»
  • breaking load, N
  • elongation at break, %
10 GOST 23785.2-2001 «Cord fabric. Thickness determination method» Thickness, mm
11 GOST 23785.7-89 «Cord fabric. Method for determining the bond strength with rubber» Rubber bond strength, N
12 GOST 29104.3-91 «Technical fabrics. Method for determining the number of threads per 10cm» Number of threads per 10 cm
13 GOST 29104.4-91 «Technical fabrics. Method for determining breaking load and elongation at break»
  • breaking load, yes
  • elongation at break, %
14 GOST 29104.2-91 «Technical fabrics. Thickness determination method» Thickness, mm
15 GOST 14311-85 p.4.4 «Metal cord» Breaking force, N
16 GOST 14311-85 p.4.2. «Metal cord» Diameter, mm
17 GOST 14311-85 p 4.6 «Metal cord» Rubber bond strength, N
18 GOST 10446-80 «Wire. Tensile test method» Temporary tear strength, N/mm2
19 GOST 10446-80 «Wire. Tensile test method» Elongation after rupture, %
20 GOST 26366-84 p. 4.7 «Brass-plated steel wire for tire bead rings» Rubber bond strength, N

Experimental and research workshop

meets the criteria of the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus and is accredited for compliance with the requirements of STB (State standard of the Republic of Belarus) ISO/IEC 17025-2007 and carries out certification tests of tires in accordance with the scope of accreditation.

Research electrotechnical laboratory

is able to provide services in electro-physical measurements, industrial testing, repair, adjustment and diagnosis of automated electrical drive.

Water supply and sewage department

renders services in supplying sub-subscribers with energy parameters i.e. technical, domestic potable, hot and network water, compressed air, domestic sewage and storm water drainage.

The power supply department

can provide services for the supply of electrical energy.