An agricultural tyre 710/70R38 model Bel-179 (tubeless, radial with a broad R-1 off-road tread pattern) is designed for rear wheels of CASE, JOHN DEERE, MASSEY FERGUSON, CLASS tractors and other agricultural machines of a similar class. The tread pattern is designed primarily for high horsepower tractors and delivers smooth ride both on the road and in the field. The special tyre tread pattern design ensures a high level of self-cleaning, excellent traction, low soil compaction, minimal rolling loss, which results in reducing fuel consumption.
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Tyres size 710/70R38
Model Bel-179
Type TL
Tread pattern Off-road R-1
Rim: recommended DW23B
Overall diameter (mm) 1959
Section width (mm)716
Load-static radius (mm) 884
Load index 166/163
Maximum load (kg) 5300
Speed index D
Maximum speed (km/h) 65
Inflation pressure (kPa) 0,16
Tyre tread depth (mm)55