New modern super-large tire 33.00R51 mod. BEL-362, tubeless, radial, with steel cord in the frame and breaker, with an ultra-deep career tread pattern E-4 of block type, designed for operation on BelAZ mining dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 136 tons. The tread pattern provides high adhesion to the road surface, increases resistance to wear, cuts and chips, corresponds to current trends and the specifics of the application of tires on dump trucks. The use of steel cord in the carcass of tires provides an increase in the carrying capacity and durability of tires for heavy-duty dump trucks working on unimproved roads in mining careers, and also allows to reduce rolling losses and fuel consumption. 33.00R51
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Tyres size

Model Bel-362
Type TL
Tread pattern Rock -4
Rim: recommended 24.00-51/5.0
Overall diameter (mm) 3063
Section width (mm) 932
Load index 236
Maximum load (kg) 40100
Speed index
Maximum speed (km/h) 50
Inflation pressure (kPa) 700
Tyre tread depth (mm)65,5