Artmotion 215/60R16 95H
New line of passenger car tires with rim diameter R13-R16 "Artmotion", tubeless, radial, with metal cord breaker, highway asymmetrical tread pattern, used on passenger cars on roads with improved surface Artmotion 215/60R16 95H
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Tyres Size215/60R16
ModelArtmotion BEL-283
Tread patternHighway
Rim:recommended6 1/2J-16
Allowed6 J-16
7 1/2J-16
7 J-16
Overall Diameter(mm)664
Section Width(mm)221
Load Index95
Maximum Load(kg)690
Speed IndexH
Maximum speed (km/h)210
Inflation Pressure (kPa)250
Tyre Tread Depth (mm)8,0