Strategic cooperation

9 august 2018
Strategic cooperation

On Wednesday, 25 July, following the results of BelshinaTrans UTC’s staff meeting with the participation of Vladimir V. Karpyak, Director General BELSHINA JSC, 12 new semi-trailer trucks MAZ-5440E9-521-031 were assigned to truck crews. The trucks will be involved in international cargo transportation.

The truck-tractors are equipped with a 435-horsepower Mercedes engine of Euro-5 standard. The truck is able to tow a road train weighing up to 44 tons and is distinguished by an upgraded truck cab with a high top, two sleepers and the latest cab interior.
- We currently have more than 60 trucks operating over 10 years and 19 trucks have been purchased during the current and past year. So we have requirements in the fleet renewal. We are going to cooperate further with JSC “MAZ” – concluded Alexander V. Shnek, Director BelshinaTrans UTC.
The first new MAZ truck was purchased in 2017. Six more trucks replenished the truck fleet in February of this year. The said lot of 12 trucks was a further fleet renewal.
As stated by Alexander V. Shnek a long-standing partnership unites BELSHINA and MAZ. BELSHINA is one of key tyre suppliers to MAZ’s assembly line for various automobile models and modifications and Minsk Automobile Plant in its turn supplies vehicles to BelshinaTrans UTC.
- MAZ trucks do not cause technical troubles emphasized Alexander V. Shnek and he added These are reliable vehicles.
Alexander V. Shnek concluded by wishing Minsk Automobile Plat to develop new road train models, enhance markets and certainly continue its fruitful cooperation with BelshinaTrans UTC.